I live about a mile and a half away from the nearest tram stop. It’s a long, straight road, with houses packing both sides. In fact it’s a pretty dull road all in all. And long. Walking it takes about 1/2 an hour. Did I mention that it’s straight? And Dull?

So following a successful Christmas shopping trip, I decided to walk home from that tram stop. The whole way, in the rain. To be fair, it wasn’t pouring down, but my coat wasn’t waterproof, I had no umbrella or hood. Of course I DID have my camera with me, so I set out to document my walk home. It was a little harder than I expected (mainly due the lack of anything but houses and pavement), but I think I did ok.

I tried hard to get the image I wanted in camera, and this time I feel like I got it bang on. So every image is straight out of camera, and the only thing Lightroom did, is organize and resize.

If you fancy a gander at the 9 chosen images, click the pic below. If you have something better/else to do that’s fine too.

Have a superb Christmas, and an awesome week.




I shall let today’s gallery speak for itself. Click on the image…



Photographers Block…

I am currently suffering from a significant lack of inspiration. Largely brought about by a lack of time, and energy. It’s been a bit manic here the last couple of weeks, and whilst I have some very nice pictures of my Mum’s dogs, they aren’t really for here. I have also started my 100 strangers project, so watch this space….

Meanwhile, here are some pics I’ve been keeping back for just such an emergency. Taken in June, while the weather was still warm all day, and part of my Waterways project.

Hopefully by next weekend I’ll have some inspiration again. Click on the image below, blah blah blah.