At odds with myself.

My blog entries are usually put together in about an hour. I select the 9 images, write the text and upload in that time. Occasionally I have the time to select the images in advance, and save them for a rainy day. When I do this, I don’t normally revisit the images, but on this occasion I did. And I find it intersting to note that I wouldn’t of picked exactly the same 9 if I’d done it today. Maybe it’s because when I pick the 9 images, I just choose the ones I like on that day. Or maybe it has something to do with mood, or frame of mind. Maybe tomorrow I’d of picked another different set. Or maybe not…
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Having been working rather hard recently, I’ve needed some inspiration. Reading around during the week, I came across a comment by another photographer about picking a theme, and sticking with it. So when I found myself in a small North Wales town on Saturday afternoon, with half an hour to spare, I thought I would start a single theme project. Something I noticed about this little town was the proliferation of benches. Every few meters, there was another bench.

Ready made subject I thought. At the end of my little jaunt, I had also taken some other images of the town. Reviewing these images in Lightroom tonight, I found myself thinking that it’s a good job I chose to focus on the benches, as there really isn’t anything else that was worth photographing. But then I got to looking at the pictures of the benches. Individually, non of them seems to be any better than any of the non bench pictures. And yet when looking at the set of pictures, I find them interesting, maybe a little curious. (Of course I am biased, as they are my pictures).

So I guess, that by presenting a number of images together in a coherent manner, we can transform single, mundane images into something else altogether.

Have a splendid week.