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Black and White

So once again, I find Camera and Wife pitted against each other. This time however, she had a friend along as a distraction, so I was a little more free to take the kind of pictures I wanted.

One of the things I love about working in Black and White is the way I can concentrate on patterns and form. I can produce images that are based in detail, and which sometimes only tell part of the story, leaving the viewer to thing about what the image may be a part of. Where do those steps lead, or where have they come from? What exactly is that pattern a part of? In the end, the viewer is left to make up their own mind about the images, and what they show.

Of course some of the pictures show the whole story, or at least we think they do. But again, maybe the image does not show us everything it could. Are the dear really behind a fence, and the wide aperture has thrown it so far out of focus it can’t be seen? Are they free to roam among the visitors to the park? Are they tame? Or in an enclosure?

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London Calling

We spent a few days in London during the summer. Largely to show Small Child the sights, but also for the grown ups to catch up with some friends. Due to the animosity between Wife and Camera, I took the decision to take just one lens, as I knew stopping to change lenses was not going to be an option! My heart said the XF-56, but my head said the XF-27.

I knew the 27 would be the more flexible and versatile lens, and as I also had to take some holiday snapshot type pictures, it was no contest. This was after all a family holiday, and not a photo expedition!

So my challenge was to take pictures that were not only a record of our family holiday, but that I was happy with. I can’t say I did very well with the second part of that,but I’m happy with the first. And of course it’s important for me to remember that sometimes I don’t always have to take pictures that I like from point of view of a photographer. Sometimes I just have to take pictures I am happy with as a husband and father.

Documentary? Well they document our trip to London. You may not care for them, and they may not evoke any emotion in you, but for me, (and as the photographer I claim the right to choose the category), they are a lasting memory, and that’s the most important part. And it also asks questions about what is documentary photography. After all, if holiday snapshots can be documentary photography, then what else can?

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Once upon a time

Every photo tells a story. It can be of an event, or a time. Imagined or real. It may be a single image, or it may be a series of images.

Sometimes though, an individual image can only tell part of the story, or indeed taken on it’s own, the story may be misinterpreted. We may view the image of the bloodied young man as an image suggesting violence and hooliganism. But when we see the image of him carrying the injured child from the car accident, we see a different side. A single image can bring out the prejudice in the best of us, and it is often used in the media to manipulate us, and to make us see what we are told.

I’ve put together 3 sets of stories, told in 3 pictures. Each image can tell it’s own story, but viewed together, and in sequence, they may tell a different story. As with all images however, it is what the viewer see’s that will determine the story… maybe you will see the story I intended, maybe you will see a completely different story. Have I failed if the story you see is not my story? Or have I succeeded so long as you see a story, any story?

My 100 strangers project is now well under way, and I shall start posting images soon.

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Photographers Block…

I am currently suffering from a significant lack of inspiration. Largely brought about by a lack of time, and energy. It’s been a bit manic here the last couple of weeks, and whilst I have some very nice pictures of my Mum’s dogs, they aren’t really for here. I have also started my 100 strangers project, so watch this space….

Meanwhile, here are some pics I’ve been keeping back for just such an emergency. Taken in June, while the weather was still warm all day, and part of my Waterways project.

Hopefully by next weekend I’ll have some inspiration again. Click on the image below, blah blah blah.



Whilst supporting Wife, who was on a training course, I took the opportunity to have a wander around Manchester and take some pictures of the old buildings. Some of the architecture is marvelously gothic, especially the town hall, which is incredible. Architectural photography is not something I’ve really paid much attention to in the past, but the juxtaposition of the new glass buildings and the old stone ones is pretty awesome. I may have to do some more.

I’ve chosen not to correct any of the verticals, in the hope that it helps to add a sense of drama.

Making this blog has (I think) taught me enough to understand what is documentary photography, and this isn’t. If it was a series of images, showing the changing face of the city over time, then maybe. If it was a document of all (or lots) of the old buildings, then again maybe. In fact if some of the compositions were different, and focused more on the buildings themselves than the compositions it may even be documentary.
I’ve also learnt enough to know that it doesn’t matter. It’s photography at the end of the day, and any further catagorisation is purely subjective.
So this goes in the playground for now. And if I decide to, I’ll recategorise it.

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