Photography is my passion, but I have restrictions. I am not able to go out and take the pictures I want. I cannot create the images I would like. So I work within those restrictions, until such times as they are eased.

Right now, I am trying to explore the idea of documentary photography. What is the difference between documentary, and photo essay? When is it Street, and when is it Documentary? Maybe it doesn’t matter. After all, a photograph is a photograph. Do we need to pigeonhole a picture? To categorise it, mark it as something particular? And what if you see something different? If I call it Documentary, you may call it Street. Or Portrait. Or even a snapshot.

This is what I am trying to work through, to decipher, and make up my own mind. If you’d care to join me on that journey, I’d love to hear your thoughts, either as a comment, or a private message.

I use a FujiFilm X-Pro1, with Manual focus, legacy lenses and a couple of Fuji autofocus lenses. And a dream of maybe one day owning some good Leica or Zeiss glass.



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