Late Night Opening

It’s been over a month since I last posted, and I’m not happy with these images. I think they show how flat and uninspired I am at the moment. There are all sorts of things that could be contributing to this, but generally, I believe I just have a spot of Photographers Block.

Maybe this blog has run it’s course in it’s current format. I have explored the idea of what is documentary photography, and I have had fun doing so. The conclusion I have come to though is that it doesn’t matter how you categorise an image, it is all simply photography. We have a need to group like things together, and I understand that, but just as certain types pf music can fall into multiple genres, so can photographs.

Does it even matter how we categorise an image? What is it that makes it fit into that particular style? And sometimes we over categorise. Take the phrase ‘Street Portrait’. A portrait taken in the street. When does it stop being a portrait, and become ‘street’? This is of course an open ended discussion because there is no right or wrong answer, just opinions.

And I think it’s the same with documentary. What is it? I know what I think it is, but that doesn’t make it so.

I am going to spend some time doing more colour work to see if I can get some inspiration. I’ll be working on a 365 project, and I will continue with my 100 strangers project too.

In the meantime, here is a set of lack lustre images taken at the Manchester Art Gallery during late night opening. Click on the image to see them all. If you think it might be worth it.




One thought on “Late Night Opening

  1. I think you’re being a bit hard on yourself regarding these images…They might not be ringing your bell right now, but they’ll be getting a tune out of many anothers steeple.
    I’ve just started, (6 months ago,) a photography BA…. After years of simply shooting with my gut, and not bothering too much with analysis, what I shoot and why, I’m struggling with the new, seemingly all important, need to classify, to partition, to question, EVERYTHING that I choose to shoot….
    Sometimes this can be really revealing and you get to places/conclusions that wouldn’t be apparent without the analysis, but sometimes too much thought can just cloud the eye.
    Simply getting out there with a camera, is always my best way past a block, and the quickest route to learning something new.
    Don’t sweat it…..Sounds to me as if you’re already on the next leg.

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