GAS and Canals

Canals and waterways are a long term project of mine, so you will probably see more posts with Canals in them as time goes on. Usually when I go out specifically to make some pictures, I use manual focus. This time though, was different. I have shiny new Fujifilm X-T1 and I have to decide if I like it enough to keep it and sell the X-Pro1.  So I put the XF-56 on the new camera, and set off for 40 minutes of picture taking, while waiting for Wife to finish work.

So the images are all SOOC as I’ve had a busy weekend. Too busy to mess with the RAW files, which are much better than the jpegs. I also didn’t have the camera set up the way I like it, so if I was to set out to take the same pictures tomorrow, they’d turn out differently.

I doubt any of them are good enough to make it into the project, so I can’t label them that, and frankly the only thing they document of my over enthusiasm to start using my new toy. I’m looking forward to finding some time for a slower, manual focus outing, but for now these will have to do.

Thanks for reading, and click on the image below for the full gallery.



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