Time for dinner

Playgrounds can be eerie places when they are empty. Especially if it’s still reasonable early. It was dinner time, so most of the kids were probably at home eating their fish fingers or beans on toast, and the rest had been sent packing by the huge downpour of rain that had recently happened. I hid under some trees and tried not to get wet.

After it had stopped raining, I ventured out and took what I hoped would be a set of images that captured some of the atmosphere of the park. It was broad daylight, and only 5.30 in the evening. Apart from myself and a solitary dog walker, the park was empty. The swings were still, and the whole place felt abandoned, in a Sci-Fi movie kind of way. Like everyone left in a hurry.

I think this is documentary, because I wanted to tell a story. Unlike my previous series in the park, these images have a story behind them, about the rain.

You know what to do with the image below…



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