Is it right…

When Wife and I took a visit to the Tatton Park flower show, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to challenge myself. How to photograph a subject which is all about colour, in black and white?

It really is quite a challenge, but I think I did an ok job. I think the trick is to realise that most flower pictures depend on the colour to separate the various elements of the image. Converting a colour image to black and white can leave an image which is to busy,and simply looks messy.

I have tried to keep this in mind both during shooting, and selecting my final images. Some of these do actually work better in colour, but I think they all work well enough in black and white. In fact you could simply argue that the colour images are not better,but different. They have impact for another reason. and that is what I like about black and white photography.

Are they Documentary? No, not these. Again, there is no story, no coherence. They can be viewed individually, or in any order and nothing changes.

As always, click the image below, for the full gallery.



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