Graveyard shift, part 1

This set of images is the first of 3 connected sets. A trip to a local graveyard with a view to photographing the angels on the tombstones and memorials also gave me some more images towards my ‘Time’ project.

This set, I suppose, is rather morbidly an exploration of the end of time, or death. We all run out of time eventually, but what happens afterwards, no one is sure. All of these images were purposefully made out of focus, to represent this uncertainty and the unknown.

Again, I used an adapted manual focus lens (My 58mm Rokkor for those who care about such things), and took my time. Careful composition was the order of the day, as the light was too bright to be shooting wide open, and I wanted the lack of depth of field. So there are no SOOC images this time. All processed in Lightroom from the raw files.

Is it documentary? Not this set, no. I feel it is too conceptual for that. Maybe one or both of the remaining sets will fit that category better.

As always, click on the image below for the full set. Or don’t, it’s up to you.

Click Me, Click Me...


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