Around the block.

While wife was on bed duty for small child, I decided to take a short walk. I only had 15 minutes, but I took my camera, and took some photos. The road I live on is quite pretty. All the gardens are well kept, and all the cars sit cleaned on the drives. We don’t completely fit in like that, but I don’t mind at all.

A short walk away though, and it gets a little different. There is a major road, and an industrial estate. It’s also a less well off area, and is far more interesting to photograph.

I’ve been using the manual focus Rokkor again, and the contrast in my style is interesting. I find myself a much more considered photographer with manual focus. Not that I am spray and pray at all with autofocus, but I’m even slower with manual. There is something about it that demands better composition, and more thought. I’ll stick with it for a while, and use the auto focus lenses only when I need the speed.

As usual, click on the image below for the full gallery.



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