About the house

Another exploration of documentary. Sometimes the weekend doesn’t go to plan, and I wind up with an itchy trigger finger. So I wander around the house, taking a series of random, disparate images, often with nothing to link them except for the camera and lens they were taken with.

This time, I decided to undertake a little project with a specific goal. I aim to photograph a number of rooms in the house, taking only images of objects, rather than spaces. The idea is to give the feel of the room, rather than to show the room. And I started in the kitchen.

I’d been doing some portraits earlier in the day and the 100mm Rokkor was still mounted to the camera. I used this, because I was interested to see how the different field of view would affect my approach, and if it would result in different images. I don’t think it has. I just moved back, so the picture was what I had in mind to begin with. I need to work on that….

Click the image below for the gallery, and then have a splendid week.



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