A walk by the canal

Back to documentary this time.
We took a walk by the canal, and I took pictures.

I’ve classed them as documentary, because they are a record of our walk. They are also part of as larger project, documenting the changing face of our waterways. So again, I’m asking what is documentary?

As a part of the larger project, I’m quite sure they qualify as documentary, but what about on their own? Is there enough here, or is it just a series of personal ‘snaps’ or pictures for the photo album. Does there have to be a distinction? I believe every image has 2 lives. The vision the photographer gave it, how they intended it to be viewed and what it means to them. And the viewer, who may see something completely different. Another vision entirely.

With this in mind, I view them as documentary, because my intention is to tell a story, and in this case it is that of a walk along the canal, on a Sunday afternoon. You will see what you see, and that is no less valid, but as I am the photographer, I get to choose what to call them here.

Have a splendid week.



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