Slow down, you move too fast…

When I started my AS level in photography, the first assignment we were given was to take 36 pictures of a single object. The idea being that we should examine the object and ‘see’ it. It was a good exercise, and made us think about composition, lighting, and the technical side of photography.

So I thought I would extend this idea, and limit myself to no more than 3 images of 9 objects. This was intended to make me slow down, and think again, mainly about composition, and light. Working in aperture priority, with auto iso meant the technical side of things wasn’t really a worry this time. I usually like to work with the aperture wide open, but since it took it apart to clean the elements, the Rokkor 58 has become too soft at 1.4 (great for portraits though). So it was all at f2.8.

I took no more than 4 images of any set of footwear, and in most cases took just a single image.

I did slow right down. I thought about composition, and enjoyed the exercise enormously. I thought about how the final image would look, and at the end of the session, I had only 19 images to do any post processing with. I plan to repeat it regularly, with different objects and different restrictions.

So here is a selection of the footwear regularly worn in our house. And whether you prefer shoes or boots, wellies or slippers, have a splendid week.



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