From time to time I suffer from insomnia. Not raging, can’t sleep for 9 days insomnia, but the “keeps me awake much later than I really need” kind. It’s getting better as I get older, but it’s also harder to deal with the tiredness. Especially when small child is up at 7 regardless of how well I sleep.

At the weekend, I got just 3 hours sleep on Friday night, and less than 5 on Saturday night. For most of the night, I’m sharp, and lucid, but by the time sleep does come, I can’t focus well, reading is impossible, and my vision dims like someone has stopped down my aperture.

This is what it feels like.

Have a splendid weeks sleep.



One thought on “Insomnia

  1. Hi Ian, Your photo admirably sums up my own intermittent bouts of insomnia which are uncannily similar to your own experiences. Brain fog,(I call it fuzzy logic).. hard to focus both brain and eyes. We creative types seem to suffer from this more than most. As parents, I think we sleep with one eye slightly open and hearing primed incase our little ones need us. My own kids have long flown the nest…nowadays, my insomnia is mainly due to an over active imagination…lol… (I’m a writer) and a voice artist , I tend to do most of my recordings at night when it’s quiet. But I empathise totally…take heart my friend, this too shall pass.
    I love B&W photography too… it’s more visually appealing, love the contrast.

    Regards, Sandy Wallace

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