Why Black and White?

Why Black and White? What is the attraction?
I shoot mainly, but not exclusively in black and white. I also shoot RAW +JPEG, so will always have a colour version anyway.

Aside from all the usual reasons (timeless look, no colour distractions, blah blah blah) I have also have 2 others of my own.

I like B&W, I like the tonal ranges, the way we can make pictures of patterns and textures. And I would like to become good at it, so it’s what I focus (no pun intended) on. By choosing to concentrate on black and white, I hope to improve in a way that I don’t think I could otherwise.

The other big draw for me, is that I started my photography journey shooting black and white film, and continued to shoot B&W film right to the very last thing I did before turning to digital. I always liked the ability to develop and print myself, retaining full control over the process. So there is undoubtedly a little nostalgia in there also.

Whatever you shoot, film or digital, colour, black and white or both, have a splendid week.



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