We took small child to the theatre at the weekend. While we were there, I had hoped to take a dozen or so pictures of the theatre itself. I wanted to try to document the sens of space in this particular venue. However, an uncooperative and impatient wife put a stop to the plans.

Which left me thinking if the images I have produced are sufficient to go under the title ‘Documentary’. If it’s possible to use a set of images to tell a story, or to give Coherence , then how many images are required. Obviously this will depend upon the story being told. We’ve all seen stories told in a single image, and I know I’ve seen stories which have taken many images.

With this particular set, I don’t feel I did what I set out to achieve, so I don’t feel this can be categorised as ‘Documentary’. Maybe you feel different. Maybe you don’t care at all. Maybe it doesn’t really matter, so long as I keep taking pictures and enjoying it. But if we don’t question, we don’t learn, so I will continue to question ‘What is documentary photography?’

Have a splendid week.



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