If your fingers lost the ability to grip, what would you have to change, just to boil a pan of water? Or to take a shower?

If you could no longer walk, how would you get up the step into your house? Or upstairs?

As an issue close to my heart, I am undertaking a long term personal project, to document living with a wheelchair user. So far, it’s mostly a documentation of the changes we have had to make to, and within our home to accommodate the not just the wheelchair, but the disability itself.

I could probably document just the ramps in our house as a project on it’s own, but there is more to it than just ramps.


One thought on “Changes

  1. I think most of us who are already disabled in one way or another, always have in the back of our minds, the ‘OMG’ what if anything else gets worse – Its a case of trying never to see the impossibility of any situation all the time – Now, I fully believe that disabled people are better problem solvers than some able bodied people

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